The three Atlantic artists just dropped their collaborative new album Without Warning. Literally, without much warning at all, the album was released as a total surprise to all their fans.

Epic Records tweeted about the album release, but it was only a few hours before it was released, and the three rappers shared the news on their Instagram. Other than that, they dropped Without Warning unexpectedly and give us a total of ten tracks with features from Travis Scott and Quavo.

A complete full album of turn-up bangers and drugged out distorted sounds, Without Warning dropped just in-time for Halloween. The first track titled Ghostface Killers is a perfect intro track for the entire album. With lyrics reflecting the rappers lifestyles, 21 Savage chills the track down a bit with his verse – with a bit of a Rasta voice and Offset pays homage to Ghostface Killah – Wu-Tang Clan member with the line “We got static (static), p*ssy n*gga run your charm (hey), Ghostface killers (killers), Wu-Tang, 21 news gang (news)”.

Rap Saved Me starts with eerie laughs and 21 Savage rapping a verse with Offset. They go back and forth with rhymes, while sharing the chorus. Reflecting on gangbanging, money, and boasting his materialistic things, 21 admits that the industry saved his life financially, considering he grew up in the hood and surrounded by gang culture.

Ric Flair Drip switches up the sound and flows with Offset flaunting his money and paying homage to wrestler Ric Flair. While he takes on the track on his own, the next track My Choppa Hate N*ggas is 21 Savage on his own as well, rapping about his upbringing and experiences being a gang member. The Halloween vibes continue with a Nightmare on Elm Street reference on the tail-end of the track, and on Nightmare as well, with having ghost-like noises at the beginning.

Mad Stalkers goes in about being at the top now in their music career and how they have to be cautious of the haters, while flexing their luxuries they possess. The ignorance continues on Disrespectful, where they both reflect on being rich and their lifestyle now – being flooded out with diamonds and the jealousy that comes with their success. Run up the Racks continues with a similar vibe about ‘running up racks’ while 21 Savage slows it down in Still Serving. While Offset admits to his bad habits, 21 proves that even though he is rapping now and not doing what he used to, he still packs a gun on him and shouldn’t be f*cked with.

Their last track Darth Vader is almost like a celebration track for them all making it in the music industry. It is a given that the Atlantic trio have been making huge moves with their music and it has been a big year for all of them. With Metro Boomin’s recently released collaboration project with NAV for Perfect Timing, 21 Savage’s Issa Album going gold, and Migos’ Culture album being released earlier in the year, these Atlanta based rappers are poised for celebration. Furthermore, we all just witnessed Offset getting engaged to rapper Cardi B as well; the industry is set for a party.

The three have been huge successes, with Metro Boomin’ being one of the greatest producers and 21 and Offset being a few of the most successful rappers so far this year – 2017 is an unforgettable year for them all.


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