DJ Khaled’s album titled Grateful is set to drop this Friday, June 23rd and is loaded with features. This is Khaled’s second album since signing with Jay-Z’s Rocafella records about a year and a half ago. Towards the end of last summer, Khaled “blessed us” with Major Key which was full of hits. See the track list below for the new album coming later this week:

I would expect this album to be very similar to Major Key, where Khaled virtually does nothing besides yelling things like “Let’s go!” or “We the Best!. Let’s not forget his patented phrase “ANOTHA ONE.”

So how and why are his albums always successful? These DJ Khaled songs or albums are always at the top of the charts because of the people he surrounds himself with. Khaled cannot do anything really musically (that I’ve seen) besides actually DJ and mix records.

This may sound like I am coming off as a hater, which I wouldn’t really deny. I guess it is because all these other talented artists, producers, and musicians are doing all the actual work, and then Khaled’s name gets slapped on the name of the record.

Either way, I’m sure this album will not only do great numbers, but also have quality music on it. The two songs released so far on this are To the Max ft. Drake and Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. I am not really a fan of the song with Drake, and to most people who know me that might come off as a surprise. I think that Drake’s biggest strength on a song is singing a hook, which Khaled didn’t have him do here. I don’t understand why the song is so short either. It’s really on a couple bars for Drizzy and is off his normal style, when he works with Khaled. I was expecting something more like “For Free” off of Major Key that climbed the Billboard charts and was all over the club / radio scene last summer.

The Bryson and Rihanna song on the other hand, I am a huge fan of. I love the Carlos Santana, Maria Maria sample that gets played over the hook. I find it interesting that Rihanna references the ’68 Jets which was pretty funny, and absolutely love Tiller’s verse, especially the Water Boy shout out.

When To the Max originally came out, and there were rumors about the Bryson and Rihanna collaboration, I was worried Khaled was going to find some way to screw this song up as well. However, I am glad that I was wrong.

I am hoping that either way this album sounds more like the style of Wild Thoughts, rather than the To the Max type feel.

In only a few more day’s we’ll find out, and Khaled and his son Asahd will probably have Grammies for doing basically nothing besides making a few phone calls and deciding which artists are going to go on which song.

Either way, I’m curious to hear what this album sounds like come Friday.

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