Jaden Smith, the 19-year-old rapper, singer and actor has finally released his new album SYRE. The highly anticipated album has been in the works for three years now, and his fans finally get to hear what the hype is all about.

Jaden released the music video to Icon to go with the album release on November 17th. In the video, he’s shown in front of his whip during a sunset, and dancing like ‘Michael Jackson’ as he claims. While he orders to those listening to ‘listen to vision’, he does want to help heal the world, and will successfully do it partially with this album.

In today’s generation of music, it’s full of egotistical things and glorifies guns, money and being destructive. While a lot of these artists are merely just expressing their pain and life experiences, Jaden is trying to bring that positivity through his music back in this generation that desperately needs healing, especially after Lil Peep’s recent death of a drug overdose.

With B, which is the first track on the album, it starts off with Pia Mia and Jaden’s sister Willow Smith singing, while the next three tracks lead into one another; connecting as one whole message. B, L, U and E, all four separate tracks tie into each other – something that only Jaden would do in his music.

After Willow Smith harmonizes listeners, she reminisces about a lover, and Jaden goes in for a verse about the same topic, possibly on his ex-girlfriend that he mentions in Icon as well. With heavy methodic bass patterns and guitar in the background, Jaden raps about issues in the world, and problems the youth have today in L.

Jaden continues to speak on heartbreak in U (feat. Lido & Téo), and the dangers that can come along with falling hard for someone. U follows through to E, where Jaden paints a picture to his listeners of what feeling blue is like, hence the B-L-U-E, tying together as BLUE.

There’s many standout tracks in the album, such as Breakfast featuring A$AP Rocky, although he doesn’t rap a verse in the record. However, Jaden shows others how he stands out to other artists in the industry while the next record Hope states that he’ll never sell his soul and has hopes for a better world. Falcon (feat. Raury) is another experimental track on the album, with Raury singing on wavy productions by Tim Suby.

Ninety is a soulful track where Jaden mentions a woman who believes he is her soul mate, but she’s never around. At the same time, he thinks she just wants his attention and doesn’t actually want to be with him. Revealing all his secrets to her, Jaden is highly vulnerable on the track. Lost continues from Ninety, with Jaden singing how he’s lost on a guitar ballad. It seems like a lot of the pain he feels is from a woman that he’s dealt with, and the lack of love he feels in his life. Of course, it is a lot deeper than that, as Jaden explains how SYRE (his middle name) died and how he has evolved and is a voice for the lost youth.

Batman, Watch Me, Icon and Fallen happen to be the next four tracks on the album. With Batman and Watch Me being two tracks that were released with a music video before the album dropped; Watch Me has over 7 million, with Batman at over 2 million views on Youtube alone. However, Fallen was the first release of the entire album, almost a full year ago. This track got his fans excited about his new music, and was a standout track in his whole music career so far; showing fans an entirely different side and vibe musically.

Going off in The Passion, Jaden spits fire, proving that even though he’s experimented on the album, he can still rap. While he raps about other rappers sneak dissing, he assures those that he can take a rapper on. By the end of the track though, Jaden goes back into his soul vibes, singing over piano about death, love, and reincarnation.

He continues this in George Jeff, and the vibe gets even stronger for the next track Rapper, where Jaden Smith strictly raps again, expressing rolling with his dawgs, signing to Hov’s Roc Nation, and straight flexing. SYRE happens to tie the whole album together, being the last track on the album. However, it isn’t so much a record as it is just straight poetry.

Jaden’s’ poetry on SYRE explains himself a little more and admits to a woman who killed him emotionally and spiritually. Confessing to being Syre at the end, Jaden beautifully and poetically speaks of his life and even helps listeners get a better glimpse of who he is.



Stream Jaden Smith – SYRE below on Spotify.




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