Phora, rapper from California dropped another music video off of his album Yours Truly Forever.

God is the first track off of Phora’s newly released album that dropped August 18th which is full of pain and trauma. Phora is an open book when it comes to his pain, always opening his wounds and reflecting on them to help heal his listeners. Yours Truly Forever was his first release under Warner Bros being a huge step up in his music career- he didn’t disappoint with this album, making every track count.

Reflecting on suicidal thoughts and being a sinner in God, R U Still is about a girl he’s in love with but is losing connection and feeling distant with her lately. Of course, he does admit that he is still thankful for his team and would rather ‘go broke with his team then get rich with a snake’ in Facts. His melodic vibes when he sings in tracks like Way 2 Much, Phora sings ballads to his girl, while approving his rapping abilities in Sinner Part 2 expressing his thoughts on religion and politics. Throughout the rest of the album, Phora expresses his thoughts on his girl in a lot of the tracks, including dealing with addiction with alcohol and drugs, growing up in the streets, his father and scared of being alone.

In his new music video for God, Phora shows his pain yet again and expressing it from his heart. While rapping in a dessert, he reflects on being suicidal while holding a gun and bottle in hand – drinking away his sorrows, Phora questions and talks to God.

“I wrote this song at the lowest time in my life, and I’m just hoping someone can relate. You’re not alone.”– Phora

Watch Phora – God below on Youtube.

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