Clairmont the Second, a rapper based in Weston, Toronto, has heavily been making moves in the city, and is bringing something fresh to the table. Something that we all need to be listening to if we’re fans of the culture and quality of good music.

Not your average teenager, Clairmont has already put out four projects with the Deluxe edition added to his most recent album; Quest for Milk and Honey. Not only can he rap extremely well, but he produces too! In fact, he engineered and produced all of QFMAH. His album QFMAH has multiple topics. Whether it’s based on him feeling alone, being the chosen one, his last year of high school, or succeeding as a Toronto rapper, he raps a lot about his life and the experiences he faces on a day to day basis.

On the other hand, he speaks on a lot of deeper topics too, such as suicidal thoughts, revolutionaries, Donald Trump, wise words on women, feeling different energies, police brutality, religious views, church views, and our generation. He shows his perspective on his life while also bringing understanding and thought to what is going on in the world. He also reflects about how others act like they know him or care about him now that he is doing well for himself as an artist, and knows he’ll blow up on his own terms.

His sound is usually rap with a hip-hop influence, but for his newest project, he describes it as neo-soul and R&B infused with rap. He wanted to have the production hip-hop with more of a melodic feel to it, and that’s why QFMAH stands out so much. It brings a new flavor to the music scene, and especially with all the other talented artists in the city, Clairmont adds to it, but is also a hard act to follow. Many have compared him to Chance the Rapper, but he is nothing like him, (except for maybe the voice a little here and there). Clairmont is paving his own way and should be recognized for having his own voice, sound, rapping, and producing skills.

Although he is relatively new, other artist in the city know who he is, and understand how much of an important role his music plays. He’s an artist who’s adding value, not devaluing the culture. He just recently dropped a new music video; 44 Me, where he reflects on being dead at any second. Weston Toronto is a hard area of the city to be living in, and Clairmont mentions how he has to watch out for himself. He raps about how he was in the hospital and almost died in 2010. Having had a broken leg and spending three weeks recovering in a hospital bed, he’s thankful for being well. He was blessed by God to still be alive, and knows that death isn’t ready for him. He’s meant to do great things and inspire others with his music!

Watch 44 Me below on Clairmont the Seconds’ Youtube.

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